Identify Aerial Intruders

Sort out UAVs from birds or aircrafts. Know drone type and vendor by unique drone footprint...

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Locate Drone and Pilot

Real-Time Tracking of UAV and Pilot position. 2D and 3D mapping on mobile devices ...

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Landing or Return Home

Sending signal to UAV initiates landing or return home function...

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Ground-Based and Modular

Combination of modules according to application scenario of the customer. Each unit is multi-sensor device with…

  1. High range RF-Detection upto 500m and
  2. Medium Range Camera-Detection upto 200m
Multi-Sensor Footprint

Identification of drone type and vendor by Multi- Sensor Footprint. Collection of forensics about the drone flight for law-enforcements...

  1. VideoTracking
  2. 3D-Trajectory of flight
  3. Pilotposition
High-Percision Countermeasure

The basis for any countermeasure method is the high percision in localization. Thus it enables…

  1. 3D pose of drone with an uncertainty of 5m (200m distance)
  2. 2D pose of pilot with an estimated uncertainty of 15m (200m distance)



Commercial Customers


Industrial Plants


Governmental Facilities


Public Events


Larnabel Ventures

Said Gutseriev, Managing Partner of Larnabel Ventures, said, "By leveraging sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies, Dronefence is able to identify and analyze different types of drones, which is the vital first step in effectively counteracting unauthorized UAVs. As drone technologies become more pervasive worldwide, it is essential that companies, organizations, and public spaces have appropriate protective systems in place."

Technology and Business Consulting Group

Pushkar Lugani, CEO of the Technology and Business Consulting Group, said, "Dronefence has uncovered a way to use game-changing artificial intelligence technologies, smart algorithms, and sensors to precisely locate UAVs and apprehend pilots on the ground. The company and its technologies are poised to revolutionize security and safety measures in the commercial UAV industry."

Boundary Holding

Rajat Khare, CEO of Boundary Holding, said, "We are committed to investing in cutting-edge next-generation technologies, including the field of UAV defense, which we believe will make a real difference in the world. We have great confidence in the Dronefence team and are pleased to support this innovative company."


Benny Drescher, Co-Founder of Dronefence, said, "While drones represent an exciting technological advancement, with many positive applications, potential misuse cannot be overlooked. Protecting our societies and infrastructure from the reckless use of drones is an important endeavor, and Dronefence's technology is poised to make a meaningful contribution to our society as a whole."


Do you want to ensure safety and security of your infrastructure against commercial UAVs? Interested in working with us? Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries about Dronefence and our products. We will be pleased to support you.

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